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14. Mai 2019, 15:26 Uhr

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14. Mai 2019, 15:25 Uhr

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7X4sDRKLr, 13. August 2013, 20:30 Uhr

Hello Admin,I hope this message finds you well. I came<a href="http://zwjevzuor.com"> arcsos</a> bestfinancecare.com and saw that you are looking for guest authors. I'd love to have my team contribute an article, and even work together long term if there is an opportunity to do so.I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. I hope to hear from you and work together soon!Thanks & Regards================Jag Cruse

beatriz antonia borghi  E-Mail  

10. August 2013, 20:30 Uhr

Querida Lore para recordarte, yo soy la prima de tu papá, la sobrina de tu abuela Lida, tu mamá me hizo entrar en ésta página la cual me encantó, sé que estás bien, me alegra mucho, manteneme informada de tus actividades, un abrazo Betty;-)

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zstZPcb6xr1z, 9. August 2013, 13:56 Uhr

Hi,I really like this pliugn and I installed right away. It conveniently replaces my manual updates in the core of the text. Granted, it works its best with only one revision, but this is already great.I have some suggestion, that I already implemented on my blog (well, only partially, because I am not a coder:-(I changed the HTML text for this (since there is no preview here, I changed the brackets:-(‹ins datetime= %ud% class= wp-update ›‹div class= update_message ›‹small›%ud%‹/small›‹p›%ut%‹/p›‹/div›‹/ins›Why so?- ins because, well, this is what it is meant for. Note that ins (as well as its relative, del) is both a block and an inline element- datetime is badly formatted, because it should be YYYY-MM-DD. This is where I need a coder- class= wp-update , because the default rendering for ins (which _does_ make sense) is not great with a border (border + text-decoration:underline do not work well together). Then one can add ins.wp-update{text-decoration:none} or better yet ins.wp-update{text-decoration:inherit} to one’s CSSIdeally, I would merge the div and the ins (div is the default block when nothing else—and here there is something) and would use normal formatting for datetime:‹ins datetime= YYYY-MM-DD class= update_message ›‹small›%ud%‹/small›‹p›%ut%‹/p›‹/ins›Ideally again, borders would be replaced by a real piece of CSS (similar complaint: ). Then, implementing ins.wp-update{text-decoration:inherit} would be much easier.I think this is not much work, but definitely something I do not feel like doing myself-I am analphabet when it comes to PHP. Plus, I am not the maintainer.Could you implement this?Thank you for your consideration.


Dagmersellen, 20. September 2012, 07:53 Uhr

Hola!!! es llegando un "Luna Negra" a este sitio ...
Espero que les guste.
Con Amor


4. April 2012, 08:29 Uhr

que bueno! nos veremos en la mESpa asi podre ver los Mandalas en Directo.

Hasta pronto y Luz y Amor para todos!


(prima) Claudia Trentin  E-Mail  

Pavia, 6. Mδrz 2011, 18:12 Uhr

Hola loqui, que lindo pusiste el website!!! Y que bueno eso de la exposicion en Baires, cuando fué?!!!

Cuidate loqui, nos vemos prontito!!! Un abrazo!!!
Tu prima que te adora!!!
clau :-)

Marisol  Homepage E-Mail  

17. November 2010, 17:57 Uhr

Hola Lorena:
Te dejo un cordial saludo desde Berlín :-)
Bonita tu página.
Du lebst in der Schweiz, nicht wahr?
Sei lieb gegrüßt,

Micaela  E-Mail  

Bienne, 20. Oktober 2010, 23:19 Uhr

Hola Lorena!!! nos conocimos el año pasado en Túnez te acordás? bueno traté de llamarte pero perdí el tel.!!!! me podés mandar un mail a mmiglesia@hotmail.com me encantaría poder vernos. Están muy lindas tus creaciones. besos Mica

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